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Rokel, Sierra Leone

Who we are

Many of us in Rokel feel encouraged about the direction we are going as a community. We are rapidly expanding and we have an abundance of fish (more than we can eat) and enjoy our harvests from our farms. We are also a great place to get some of the best Poyo you will ever try!  We also busy ourselves with the regular activities of peninsula people – we burn coal and mine sand and coal (which we sell to other communities).

We are predominantly Temne.


The village was founded by a man named Mr Bange. Historically we supported ourselves through fishing and farming oysters.

Our heroes: Amie Pujeh, one of the people living here in Rokel, comes from a family we are proud of. His great grandfather is a great hero to many of us because he was the first university graduate in our village. His name was Adamu John. Our founder, Mr Bange, is also our hero—without him Rokel would not exist!

Current Attractions

We have an amusement and entertainment centre called ALISCO ENTERTAINMENT. Come listen to some good music -- located on the old Freetown/Waterloo road.

We have a cultural group called Odogbo. The name was given to the group by our ancestors in honour of the mermaid (devil) that lives in the stream from which we fetch our drinking water.  Don’t be afraid to ask us about her! And ask to go see the stream.

There is plenty to see and do here – from visiting the old colonial army barracks, our harbour, the Island (Maroute), climbing our hill to walking along our stream. Ask us about Hui and John Top! We love to talk about our history with tourists.

You’re welcome to make arrangements to stay with us in our household. You can also stay in the private hotel along the Freetown Waterloo highway (Companairo) or a local guest house.

Potential Attractions

We are inspired by stories of community tourism (those of us familiar with it) and are interested in setting up community owned and operated lodging for tourists on Maroute Island (which is still community-owned land).

We would like to set up a program for tourists to stay with us so that we can learn from them and so that we can teach them about our culture.

Community Needs

We would like our children well-educated.
We want to see our culture maintained and our social activities improved.
We would like to enjoy the same benefits that many people in much of the world enjoy. We want medical and banking facilities, well-maintained roads and access to clean water.
We’d like to construct a community centre.
We’d like to do maintenance and improvement to our community dam.
If we do start having more tourists, we would like to have some training about how to deal with tourists! Most of us have never been tourists ourselves!
We would like to see development, but not any development. We would like to see the kind of development that can be sustained!
We would like to see a rebirth of respect for our elders.
We would like to see some improvements to our health centre.

We would like to further beautify our community by planting some trees.

Contact us

(As of 2012) Head woman: Madam I Yaminde Langley (076 693 597); Chairman: Mr. Horise Vincent (078 535 422); Secretary: Mr. A G Kamara; Youth Leader: James Kanu (076 424 246).

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